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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Movie Musings

I went to see Robin Hood with Russell Crowe today and found it interesting.  Not having read the stories, I'm curious as to how correct to the literature it was.  From what I know of Medieval times, I'd have to say that it was period correct if nothing else!  The acting was quite good and much of the cinematic scenery was quite lovely as well. The baseness of the English court of the time I also feel was probably rather accurately portrayed.  More actual storyline I felt should have been developed and not such a focus on the warring of the time being told about.  Knowing more about the characters actual, historical lives would have made the story richer. I hope that this and similar movies will continue to be made but with more focus on the historical personalities rather than merely the battles and wars that they were in.  As a major fan of the King Arthur legends, I would love to see a movie on the Holy Grail episodes from those works.  Just my thoughts on such!

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